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At the Farm Quindici Aprile you will find 15 hectares of organic farming, certified by ICEA E-R. Approximately 4.5 hectares are dedicated to the production of organic vegetables and a small part to fruit trees... here we find pumpkins, asparagus and melons, among the traditional products of the territory and among the most popular of the 17 Pearls of Ferrara. The thistle Gobbo di Romagna is also definitely worth mentioning, as it is very tasty and rare to find because of the difficult and expensive process it requires. Moreover, in the small the orchard for family use and rural tourism, we find among many others, the traditional and wild "Rusticana" plums, mulberries, figs, pomegranates and loquats.

The choice of organic farming originates from a personal feeling rooted in the deep respect for nature: this is the reason why all areas subject to agri-environment measures are left in a wild state, mowing the grass and pruning the plants only where necessary to create a passage, leaving intact the wildlife habitat. Along the access road to our Holiday farmhouse, it is not unusual to meet pheasants, hares, herons and other wildlife that inhabit the area.

This way of reforestation allows picking up wild herbs like hares’ ear, wild arugula, mint etc., and watching while growing and flourishing milk thistle, mallow, horsetail and many other species that cannot be admired when mowing constantly. Our idea of holiday is to accommodate people right in ‘the peasant's house’, surrounded by nature.
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